Relativity’s Official Partner in Korea, Intellectual Data

Relativity Software Intellectual Data and Relativity

Intellectual Data’s expertise connects with Relativity, the global legal technology company, to offer most up-to-date, powerful and secure eDiscovery services available for institutions, such as companies, law firms, and government agencies, among others.

Relativity is a one powerful platform for all your legal and compliance needs with AI-powered data analytics functions- and its applicable range varies based on the acknowledgment and expertise of the user.

Intellectual Data is the first launching partner of RelativityOne in Korea. Intellectual Data now offers complete set of flexible capabilities and optimal solutions to each customer whether it is litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation to meet each local customer’s IT restrictions or legal requirements.
  • Intellectual Data offers a safe and independent data analysis environment with Relativity On-Premise solution in Intellectual Data’s data center in Korea based on rigorous security processes that manages data and user authorities and detects intrusion in real-time.

  • Intellectual Data now hosts data in RelativityOne’s data center in Korea and offers scalability to provide insight-driven solutions to increasingly complex and large volume of data with wider variety of RelativityOne-integrated apps along with the automated workflows.

  • Relativity Expert

    Expert group with Relativity
    Certified Administrator(RCA) qualifications

  • Add-on Solution

    In-house developed solution to support implementation
    of Relativity targeting the IT environment of local companies


Relativity is the standard solution for global eDiscovery

  • 180,000+

    Active User

  • 198

    Of the AM LAW 200
    Rely on Relativity

  • 78

    Of FORTUNE 100 Companies
    use Relativity

  • 124+

    App Hub Solutions for
    e-Discovery & Beyond

  • 215,000+

    Active Case

  • 126B+

    Files Under Management

  • 2,000+

    Relativity Certified

  • 25+

    Relativity User Groups

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Reach out to Intellectual Data, the official partner in Korea