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Intellectual Data's Professional eDiscovery Service

Our globally recognized eDiscovery services are designed to meet the needs of both domestic and international clients, particularly in cross-border disputes.
Our expertise in secure management of corporate data ensures maximum efficiency, compliance, and sustainability.

Secure and Compliant
eDiscovery Services
Across Regions

At Intellectual Data, we understand the importance of protecting your sensitive data while complying with relevant regulations.
Our end-to-end eDiscovery process is carried out by local experts in each region, including Asia, and the US,
minimizing the transfer of a domestic company's source data across borders.
We are well-versed in data security laws in each country and maintain data centers in the US and Asia
to ensure compliance with data residency requirements.
By partnering with us, you can be assured that your eDiscovery needs will be met with professionalism, security, and compliance.

  • Training on

  • References on
    Cross-border Trials
    and Know-hows

  • Support for
    Legal Hold

  • eDiscovery Strategy

The Legal Team, Compliance Team or Corporate Strategy Team of local companies
must prepare for Cross-Border Litigations when such trials are expected to take
place(when a complaint, warning or subpoena is received). Intellectual Data
provides free-of-charge eDiscovery consulting to help local companies effectively
prepare for cross-border trials and enhance understanding of the working-level
personnel in charge and executives. Our consulting services include a presentation
on the basics eDiscovery, the role of eDiscovery in cross-border trials, various
cases on eDiscovery strategies based on experience, internal pre-investigation
approaches beneficial to accelerate strategic direction of trials, simple forensic
investigations and data Due Diligence.

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Full Scope of eDiscovery Service NON-STOP eDiscovery

Intellectual Data offers non-stop eDiscovery services required by local companies in cross-border trials.

  • IDENTIFICATION On-site Data/IT Landscape Investigation

    During the process of cross-border trials, clear communication between the international law firm and domestic company is of utmost importance. In addition, accurate understanding and assessment into the company’s as-is IT landscape, data structure, and data retention policy are crucial. Trial strategies and data collection strategies must be determined based on such facts. (ex. Data retention policy, DRM usage Yes/No, Data archiving and storage, Functions to control user access)

  • FORENSIC COLLECTION Data Collection of Custodian

    The forensic experts of Intellectual Data use specialized Forensic Imaging devices to collect copy data that is the same as the source data to maintain data integrity.

  • PROCESSING Data Processing Optimized For Domestic Companies

    Intellectual Data has abundant experience on handling DRM, a main consideration point for local companies, and in-house developed document processing mechanisms. This enables us to provide insight into how to adequately respond.

  • HOSTING Local Company’s Data in Local Data Centers

    In order to guarantee secure management of data, the first step is to save the local company’s data in a data center located in Korea. By doing so, data is prevented from being sent abroad, and authorization to access the data and functions are strictly managed to non-domestic personnel.

  • 1ST REVIEW Document Review, The Most Effective Way to Reduce Trial Costs

    Intellectual Data provides 1st Review Service which is carried out by US attorneys with abundant experience. This is critical in effectively reducing the costs associated with document review which involves the heaviest cost burden during cross-border trials.

  • PRODUCTION Cross-border Document Transfer Restricted to Scope of Production

    Intellectual Data offers timely Production Service based on extensive experience and efficient infrastructure. We also minimize the cross-border transfer of a company’s source data to mitigate risks associated with data leaks.