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Conceptual Analytics

Conceptual Analytics is an analytics technique to consider the context of a document. It goes beyond simple keyword search
to analyze the content of the document to identify which ones are important.

  • Function1

    Clustering categorizes documents of similar groups together. It is an
    effective function to utilize when there is mass volume of documents to review.

  • Function
    Smart Searching

    Smart Searching takes keyword search to another level by
    correcting wrong keywords and recommending the right new ones to search.

Structured Analytics

Structured Analytics analyzes text and metadata to identify similarities and differences between documents within the same set.

  • 01
    Near-Duplication to De-Duplication

    It is possible to identify completely identical documents, and also similar documents which are of different versions like version management.

  • 02
    Email Threading

    Reply to all, Reply and Forwarded e-mails are gathered in one place to swiftly review the context for the e-mail conversations, and easily identify the relationship between the sender and recipients.

  • 03
    Language Identification

    The languages used to draft the documents are identified, and the documents can be categorized into each language. If multiple languages were used, the usage ratio of each language is made available for reference.